Then to Now…

Then to Now…



In 1927 the company was founded by Erich Jaeger in Bad Homburg.


In 1935, the Electrical Indicator Switch was produced as the first product for the automotive industry from the company.


Focus was on the automotive industry
Early 1950’s – and Erich Jaeger has been consistently geared to the production of electrical equipment for the expanding motorcycle and automotive industry…


First 7-Pin Connector
In 1970 Erich Jaeger registered the patent for the world’s first 7-pin connector. The launch took place in the same year.


Optimisation of 7-Pin Connector
By separating the housing and contact insert in 1978 we were able to dramatically improve the 7-Pin Socket. This created a decisive breakthrough on the market.


Development of 13-Pin Connector
Developed in 1986 by Erich Jaeger, the 13-Pin Connector System becomes a benchmark standard of the International Industry.


In 1996 our company was first certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001.


Acquisition by the AdCapital AG Company
In 1998 the holding company AdCapital acquires the majority of Erich Jaeger Shares. AdCapital focuses on the core industries electrical, metal and plastic processing, machinery and tool construction, and automotive.


Since 2001, Erich Jaeger has been certificated according to ISO/TS 16949. This standard sparked the DIN EN ISO 9001. The ISO / TS 16949 standard is based on the DIN EN ISO 9001, but includes additional requirements for the automotive industry.


Since 2005, we have introduced the annual audit according to ISO 14001 in order to make our contribution to environmental protection a commitment to our customers, employees, citizens and future generations.


Watertight 7P/12V socket
Development of the World’s First 100% watertight 7-Pole 12V trailer connector – ISO 1724.


Watertight 13P/12V socket
Development of the World’s First 100% watertight 13-Pole trailer connector –  ISO 11446.


125°C coils by Erich Jaeger – “Simply Tough”
Development of the world’s first Euro6 electrical coils for utility vehicles; flexible and keeps its form up to 125°C. Groundbreaking developments from Erich Jaeger.


Ford Q1 Award
In 2016 Erich Jaeger  has been awarded by Ford with “Ford Q1 Award” for excellent product quality.


Development of the new 7Pin+12Pin Combo Socket
Joint development, with one of the biggest car manufacturers in the United States, of a new connector system for passenger cars and light utility vehicles for the North American market.