“Your transit kit is so easy to fit it has made my life a dream, and the kit you sent me to try (PSA kit for Ducato, Boxer and Relay Chassis Cab) plugged into the Canbus – it’s nice to have a kit that plugs in where you need it with no lengthy wiring” … Rob

Audi Q5 2017 Dedicated Kit – “Perfect Fit :)” … Jonny

“Hi Leanna – The lads have just fitted the 1st kit and say it’s a good job”… Kieran

“You… introduced dedicated wiring kits for the 2017 Toyota Hi-Lux by Erich Jaeger, which are of a great quality and fit simply into the Hi-Lux wiring. The bar and wiring work perfectly together and the fitters really appreciate the simplicity of the wiring kits. All together a great service and another quality product.” Nikki

Navara Kit – NP300 Model: “It’s easy and quick to fit. It’s great and it needs no coding”. Ray

“I am very happy with the Erich Jaeger kits – the very high quality and good prices. Also very impressed with your service and technical support”… Mike

“I have tried a few of your kits now, and they are much better than those I’ve been using. I’ll use Erich Jaeger from now on. The pre-wired socket is excellent and a time-saver. Also the cables have plenty of length, wheras some I have used have been really tight on cable”. Mike

“The Ranger [Ford] kit is so easy to fit… I will never fit a bypass again… 5 minutes for the kit, and the bypass would have taken me an hour”… Liam

“That’s perfect! After seeing some of the prices on your website this discount makes you our cheapest supplier and from fitting experience the best quality too. Many thanks.” Robbie

Erich Jaeger kits are by far the best I have used and the service and technical help is great”. Tyler

“The fitters didn’t like the change we made but now they love the kits and ask for Erich Jaeger every time – especially the VAG multi fit”. Gail

“Kits look great and with prices to match we will be on board”. Mark

“It’s great to see you treating all staff members here as being as important as each other and also that you are here to sell the product, and not yourself – thanks Leanna”. Jo

“Our fitters have used many of the Vauxhall Vivaro kits on the market – after trying yours they say “it’s great” and “don’t order from anywhere else – these guys [Erich Jaeger] have made our jobs easier”… Jessica

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