JaegerCANtrol© Digital Modules

JaegerCANtrol© Digital Modules

Within the last few years, light emitting diodes – or LEDs for short – have developed quickly. The use of red and yellow LED’s in rear lights is a further recent advancement. The advantages are as follows:

  • High Economic Lifetime
  • Energy Saving
  • Quick Reaction Time

Further – LEDs are now used on trailers. This can cause problems on the interface between car and trailer when transmitting electronic signals: A light bulb works on a power of 21W, whereas an LED requires approximately 1-3W.

Trailer control devices which are not adjusted to light emitting diodes indicate the difference in power as a fault in the trailer lighting. In this way, the lamp failure indicator cannot work reliably. All current solutions to the problem work on the basis of a load resistor being connected ahead of the LED. The downside of this method is that the excess power becomes a power loss.

This is where the ERICH JAEGER  trailer control module comes in to play. By solving the problem electronically, the power for the trailer can be regulated in a way that no power loss is generated and unnecessary heat production can be avoided.

However – the module is not limited to being applied to trailers with LED technology – but can also be used for conventional lighting systems: the electronics automatically determine which system is being used. In addition, the trailer module can be directly controlled via the CAN-data-bus thus enabling a problem-free integration into the vehicle supply.

The LED lamps available vary dramatically in quality which presents further challenges. ERICH JAEGER  CAN-bus trailer modules have been specifically tuned to accommodate this possible variation – so you can rest assured – we have it covered!

Please click on this link to view our video on LED compatible CAN Modules.