Regenerative Braking Systems (Smart Charge)

Regenerative Braking Systems (Smart Charge)

Our Technical Team here at Erich Jaeger Sheffield, are abreast of developments in  another upcoming technology that will affect all Dedicated Kits’ 13 Pin Charge System.

As vehicles are rapidly becoming much more complex, a system called ‘Regenerative Braking’ (or ‘Smart Charge’) will be starting to phase in shortly with Ford and Volvo, and then to many other manufacturers.

The system works by shutting off the alternator to save engine load and thus fuel. This happens when the vehicle’s battery is charged over a certain threshold (around 60%). After which, the system engages the Regenerative Braking System which uses braking energy to trickle charge the battery at around 12V when needed.

The problem may occur that the dedicated split charge relays (and universal split charge relays) will simply not work as intended as they rely on a constant 14V alternator input to switch the relay on and send 14V charging power to the fridge, or charge the battery on certain caravans. When the Smart Charge system activates on the vehicle the alternator shuts down and the car simply runs off of the 12V from the battery and regenerative braking system to decrease fuel consumption and emissions which will deactivate the split charge relay ceasing charge or fridge power to the caravan.

Erich Jaeger Global is working on a solution to this issue, which will be in place before these vehicles hit the showrooms.

We will keep you informed of progress and technology updates.

If you would like to discuss this further, please call James Ward on 0114 252 8282.