Trailer Stability Programme

Trailer Stability Programme

How Does a Trailer Stability Programme (TSP) Work?

Your driving, driving speed, crosswinds, condition of the road or a badly laden trailer or caravan can result in a dangerous sway of the trailer or caravan. Caravans and horse box trailers offer their own unique risks.

Should ‘snaking’ occur, many drivers try to keep their towing vehicle and trailer on track by counter steering. This is the wrong reaction and will only magnify the swaying effect, possibly resulting in an accident. The Trailer Stability Program (TSP), recognises this swaying from the typical yaw rate of the towing vehicle. This allows for corrective actions to be initiated at the outset – the vehicle and trailer are slowed to a suitable speed by automatically braking all 4 wheels of the towing vehicle individually; whilst simultaneously reducing the engine speed and so correcting the swaying movement.

In most cases, and providing the vehicle has been equipped an Erich Jaeger  “Vehicle Specific Towbar Wiring Kit”, supplementary software in the module is activated as soon as the electrical connection of the trailer is plugged into the towbar socket.

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